Boost employee’s productivity with their favorite tools
Being a company that thinks ahead of its time means helping employees give their best by choosing the devices they want,  while offering them the ability to work from the comfort of their favorite place. As improving employees experience became a priority for Human Resource and IT departments.
Results to expect with Mac at Work
Here’s what 600 employees within our group of interest have to say in this survey as the results show they’re more inclined towards Mac.
said it’s easy to use
find that Mac is reliable
feel more creative
said using Mac at work makes them more productive
will choose a Mac as their corporate laptop if given the choice
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When flexibility & choice are core at the workplace

The key to make employees more engaged and satisfied at work is choosing the devices they know and love. Putting employees’ flexibility and choice in the center will create a consistent experience regardless of their location or the device they are using, as they also expect self-service access to the apps they need to complete their tasks.

The increasing favorability for Apple in the workplace

When looking for simple and intuitive products, then Apple products are perfectly fit for your business, as they are powerful, secure, and easy to deploy. Whether it’s Mac, iPad, or iPhone, Apple products boost employees’ productivity through enabling creative problem-solving and providing seamless experiences.

3T Mac Choice programme for Employees

One way for organizations to worry less about the cost and complexity that comes with using separate systems for multiple devices and platforms is adopting Mac for employees, as this will provide a unified model for configuring, provisioning, and managing devices.

With this in mind, 3T believes in the benefits of using MAC for business and has launched the Mac Employee Choice Program. Considering the long history of provisioning Apple devices in the workplace, 3T has launched a program that helps organizations deploy Mac with ease.