With the technology of Apple, medical professionals are now able to administer an unprecedented amount of personalized care while using customized applications on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Medical professionals with the help of Apple products are able to streamline their paperwork better and keep a detailed record of their tasks. This will enable them to reshuffle their work necessities and focus on important responsibilities that require their full attention.
Our customized healthcare solutions partners empower your healthcare professionals to have more time to give to those in need.

Apple in the hospital


Continue Patient care at home


Create custom apps for medical research


Apple Watch enables you to stay updated on important information concerning your patient’s heart health and general state. When patients wear an Apple Watch, the healthcare staff will be able to detect any abnormal signs using powerful apps that check for unusual high or low heart rates in the background which could be signs of a serious underlying condition.
This paves the way for a healthier life with Apple Watch for your patients, and prevents serious diseases before it’s too late.


Exceptional products, unparalleled service and support for the whole learning community.

We know that Apple devices have a lot of impact on the life of a child and parents want the best technology for them to grow their set of special skills.

3T is here to provide the educational sector with exceptional products that cater to each child’s needs and help their families with a range of tools to manage time and improve learning environments at home.

Using Apple products, children will be able to overcome learning limitations through a set of flexible tools to unleash their creativity into several aspects including design and technology. These Apps are designed by Apple to simplify the day-to-day tasks of teaching and thus support teachers to make classrooms more flexible, collaborative, and personalized for each student (to give an example app).

Also, with the recent technology of Augmented reality apps, teachers are now able to spark the curiosity of their students with iPads through bringing digital objects into the real world and enhance understanding.


When It comes to device management, government organizations are deploying more Mac, iPad, iPhone devices than ever before. With affordable costs and guaranteed outcomes, 3T helps government organizations accelerate their digital transformation. (Managing Apple In government through Jamf example: lead to enforce security requirements, streamline operations, and empower a mobile and productive workforce)

Electronic records, Smart cities, online services, …

3T can help government administrations maximize the opportunities and minimize the challenges of digital transformation.

IT & Multinational Companies

IT and Multinational companies use Apple devices to improve productivity of their employees, and to increase security and control in the workplace.

Apple devices help them streamline and digitize their workflows while offering a great user experience to their employees.

With Apple Business Manager, IT administrators can easily deploy and manage Apple devices.