AI-Based Chatbot Applications Uses in 5 Different Industries

So, you can save some time for your customer success manager and delight clients by introducing bots that help shoppers get to know your system straight from your website or app. Also, Accenture research shows that digital users prefer messaging platforms with a text and voice-based interface. Your support team will be overwhelmed and the quality of service will decline. Some are used more often than others, for example, customer support bots. And each of the chatbot use cases depends, first and foremost, on your business needs.

Chatbot In Different Industries

Before moving further, let us check out key statistics related to a chatbot. For instance, on Instagram, users like to connect with a brand they like through Instagram Direct Messages. On Facebook, on the other hand, the Messenger is used to ask general questions about a business, and WhatsApp users like to engage in conversations with brands through the app. So, that’s something to keep in mind when launching a chatbot on a messaging app. What are chatbots, and what are the advantages of chatbots for companies?

Chatbot Use Cases For 5 Different Industries

As one of the fastest-moving SKUs with incredibly short shelf lives and high stakes support, the industry needs technology that can help it scale. And when customers in your target market are left untouched, they eventually go to one of your competitors. The Human Resources industry is one of the most essential internal factors in a company’s long-term success. While hiring often takes centre stage, your HR team is responsible for a million other duties that directly influence your bottom line but aren’t as visible. These could be responsibilities like legal compliance systems, audits, conflict resolution, policy creation, streamlining, training and leadership development. What would usually involve forms, misinformation and manual entry into computers by staff can easily be automated using Chatbots.

Chatbot In Different Industries

On the other hand, businesses can use an artificial intelligence chatbot to boost lead quality, reduce support costs, increase customer loyalty, and gain more sales. The increased complexity and sophistication of technology has allowed customers to engage in fiscal behavior that was impossible ten years ago. From the palm of one hand, customers can transfer funds, exchange details, authenticate and conduct transactions, with a cup of coffee in the other. It almost seems like the only reason you’d have to physically go to your bank nowadays is if you wanted to talk to your bank teller. And with the rise of chatbots, more institutions seem to be gaining that conversational edge.

Chatbot use case #6: Retail bank or credit union

If you clear all of their doubts right away, they would feel empowered to buy the tickets. By the time you map them to an executive, they might already lose interest in the event or get distracted due to something else. Likewise, chatbots can be immensely helpful in customer service across all industries. It reduces the response time, improves customer delight, and ultimately generates more traffic. Bots are taking over social media marketing as they allow consumers to engage with them in terms of customer service, and transactional engagements.

In India, the number of internet users is expected to increase from 481 million as of December 2017 to 1.134 billion by 2025. India’s eCommerce market is predicted to jump from $21.9 billion in 2018 to $200 billion by 2027. Once you choose your chatbot and set it up, make sure to check all the features the bot offers. Data privacy is always a big concern, especially in the financial services industry.

Handling customer service efficiently

You can use a recruitment chatbot as a first touchpoint with your candidates. The chatbot can collect the information you need and answer candidates’ questions. Many applicants have repetitive and simple questions like “What is your sick leave policy?”, “How many day-offs do you provide?”, “What is your remote policy?”, “What benefits do you offer?” etc.

  • The hybrid chatbot model offers the best of both worlds- the simplicity of the rules-based chatbots, with the complexity of the AI bots.
  • Now, other messaging apps, such as Telegram, Instagram, and WhatsApp have also started enabling automation features for bots.
  • Chatbots are artificial intelligence systems that enable customer engagement via messaging, text, or speech.
  • Travelers are getting younger and more comfortable with technology, which means there is a huge demand for chatbots in the tourism industry.
  • Chatbots also generate a lot of engagement due to its informal conversational nature.
  • The majority of industries are using chatbots in their various departments to ease the management and administration of business processes.

NLP & the Botpress NLU strategyBuild impressive chatbots, without having to be an NLP expert. Botpress’ NLU strategy supports you in creating a conversational interface. Now that you know what features to look for Chatbot In Different Industries in chatbots, we’ll explain their applications in different industries. Its chatbot is integrated with its Easy Order feature, which lets Domino’s customers order their favorite pizza with one click or command.

B2B industries

It will give you a fair understanding of chatbot classification and what would be the ideal chatbot type for your business. Reduce Customer Service Costs – Implementing chatbots is an investment to optimize customer service costs. Bots can save you extra costs that otherwise go into hiring more support resources, infrastructure, training, etc. One of the most common support FAQs reported by customers is for refunds and exchanges. Businesses should have sound refund & exchange policies to address such queries.

Chatbot In Different Industries

Their chatbot provides information about style guides, product pricing, and the like to enhance the shopping experience of customers. Chatbot best practices, you can generate a high level of engagement that encourages customers in completing surveys. Such conversational AI bots generate their own answers to more complicated questions using natural-language responses. The more you use and train these bots, the more they learn and the better they operate with the user. Chatbots are supporting companies to engage and interact with potential and existing customers 24/7.

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Chatbots are artificial intelligence systems that enable customer engagement via messaging, text, or speech. You can use them to send a push notification to customers to purchase items they’ve left in their shopping cart or recommend similar products. The ability to have chatbot integration within social media messengers makes bots cost effective for even small businesses. Relying only on the human-driven sales and support system can’t lead a business to success at any scale. We have helped various e-commerce businesses, from Shopify startups to giant brands, creating a new form of transformative digital customer experience with AI chatbot. One of the most popular use cases for chatbots in the retail industry is answering FAQs.

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